Rebar Detailing

Rebar Detailing – Standard Output

At Linq LLC, we specialize in state-of-the-art rebar detailing services supported by the use of the latest tools in technology

  • Rebar Detailing – In-house Speciality

    At Linq, we are experts in creating rebar drawings for the exact placement of reinforced steel in RCC structures.

    Linq Engineering Delivers High-Quality Rebar Services

    Our in-house engineers have high proficiency in detailing, drawing, and estimation of rebar drawings as per international standards.

    • Create drawings based on interpretation of designs by the structural engineer.
    • Final drawings include the size, spacing, zoning of rebar as factors for the final drawings.
    • Our estimation plans are known to cover materials, accessories, and erection cost.

Linq LLC is known for creating rebar drawings with accurate rebar detailing. Our final output, we help present a complete picture of the placement of steel bars and the amount of materials needed.

  • Skilled Rebar Team

    We have a group of skilled rebar detailers who prepare drawings for the placement of reinforced steel.

    • Provide precise details on bends, shapes, and lap splices
    • All issues are mitigated immediately before any rebar is bent onsite
    • Simplifies the task of the ironworker to the tiniest detail
  • Precise Drawings

    The in-house team is skilled in producing precise rebar drawings using the designs prepared by the structural engineer. Our drawings are the guiding document for the feld teams placing the bars.

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LINQ LLC is recognized as the foremost name in steel, BIM and rebar detailing in the US.