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LINQ LLC is committed to fulfilling the needs of the construction industry while meeting client schedules in the best possible manner.

Best Project Management

We have the processes, methods, and skills for each project objectives as per the client brief

Affordable Solutions

Our engineering solutions provide top-notch results while being affordable to clients

Professional Team

Our in-house team comes with extensive experience in managing projects of all scales.

Why Linq LLC?

We have over the years have delivered on projects both big and small within tight time frames for clients all over the world. Our commitment to client satisfaction is unmatched.

Time-Bound Service

All our services are based on submitting the final drawings on time to the client. Our in-house structural engineers work on projects with heightened enthusiasm and eagerness.

Latest Technology

We run all our projects on the latest technology available in the market without any compromise on the final output. Our team regularly trains and updates themselves on latest technologies.

Quick Project Delivery

Unlike other engineering firms who are habituated to long turnaround times, we have made it a rule to deliver project outcomes with quick turnaround regardless of the in-house workload.

Cient Support

All our clients are provided with dedicated project managers to oversee all the aspects of the project being executed. They remain available until the culmination of the entire project.

Standard Output

We abide by the latest standards laid down by each country as per the prevailing laws of the land. We can easily acclimatize ourselves to any standards as per the client’s needs.

Vast Experience

In the past, we have dealt with numerous clients especially from the US and Canada. We always strive to deliver beyond the expectations laid out by the clients in the project brief.

We consider our clients to be equal partners in all projects. Our approach is based on collaboration where we integrate the client’s vision throughout the project lifecycle.

Our Projects

We deliver results NOT promises.

Our Technical Brilliance Makes It Happen

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